Engage in real life learning in the context of your local community and church.

For someone to be properly equipped to function in a totally different context, they first of all need to know how to function in the context most familiar to them. Before people can understand another worldview and help others to apply Truth, they need to first have the light of God’s Word shape their own thinking.

And so, CONNECT is a discipleship program that is…

non-residential and self-paced, with ample opportunity for theory to have immediate real-life applications in the context of community and church.

How does CONNECT equip participants?

The CONNECT program will help equip participants to be effective cross-cultural workers in places where the challenges are great.

The CONNECT Program will…

Equip participants for:

  • The roles directly involved in church planting such as teaching God’s Word, discipling believers, translating, writing Bible resources and developing literacy programs.
  • Building relationships, encouraging interest in God’s Word, teaching groups of seekers, helping converts come together as communities of faith, teaching them on to maturity and providing them with the resources they need to fill God’s intentions for them.
  • Living in communities around the world with the least access to God’s Word because of geographic, cultural, linguistic, religious or political obstacles.

Help participants be prepared to:

  • Value the diversity of people, cultures, languages, food, places, transportation, etc.
  • Live in whatever situation will allow them to contribute most effectively to the things God has been doing and intends to do.
  • Be ‘light on their feet’ in terms of life-style and amount of possessions.
  • Constantly evaluate personal preferences in light of the things they are coming to understand about God’s priorities.
  • Work on multi-cultural church planting teams made up of ex-pats and locals with a wide variety of varying education levels and living standards.

What does CONNECT look like?

Participants become equipped through 5 avenues:

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Participants Complete Assignments And Discussion Questions After Watching Online Tutorials


CONNECT Mentors Regularly Meet With Participants To Discuss What God Is Teaching Them


Every 8 Weeks Participants Gather Together To Learn From Experienced Cross-Cultural Workers


Participants Are Encouraged To Serve Their Home Church By Putting Their Knowledge And Skills To Use In Outreaches, Bible Studies, Etc.


Participants Use Skills Learnt In Tutorials And Workshops And Put Them Into Practice In Their Local Community (Part Time Work, University, Volunteering, Etc.)!


Participants complete assignments and discussion questions after watching online tutorials


CONNECT mentors regularly meet with participants to discuss what God is teaching them


Every 8 weeks participants gather together to learn from experienced cross-cultural workers


Participants are encouraged to serve their home church by putting their knowledge and skills to use in outreaches, Bible studies, etc.


Participants use skills learnt in tutorials and workshops and put them into practice in their local community (part time work, university, volunteering, etc.)

Course Modules


God’s Narrative: Genesis to Christ

This module begins in Genesis with an overview from God’s Word of His interactions with men and women.


God’s Narrative Continues: Acts

This module unpacks the narrative of Acts.


Living in God’s Narrative

This module begins with Romans and then proceeds to 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, giving a quick overview of how these significant letters fit into God’s Narrative.


Communication and Culture

This module provides an in-depth exploration of culture; what it is, and how we can understand it.


Language and Linguistics

This module equips participants in some of the more technical areas of language and linguistics.


Culture and Language Acquisition

The key elements that make up every person’s worldview are explored in this module, helping participants to evaluate and understand the foundations of their own worldview.


Word, Identity, Life, Discipleship

This module describes four different areas of growth in the Body – Word, Identity, Life and Discipleship – and how to encourage growth in each area.


Resourcing the Church

This module addresses three main topics – an introduction to Bible translation, then how to develop a literacy program and how to develop a Bible teaching curriculum.


Church Planting Case Studies

This module gives case studies of churches from around the world.